**Welcome to the Sonnet AI Support Page** We are here to assist you in navigating and utilizing the Sonnet AI integration with Zoom to ensure a seamless experience. Below you will find detailed information on our support channels, documentation, and other resources. **Support Availability:** - **Hours of Operation:** Monday to Friday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST - **First Response SLA:** Within 24 hours on business days **Support Channels:** 1. **Email Support:** founders[](mailto:[email protected]) 2. **Documentation**: Access a wealth of information to help solve common issues. **Documentation:** - **[Adding the App](**: Follow our guide to add Sonnet AI to your Zoom account. - **[Usage](**: Explore the features and functionalities of Sonnet AI. - **[Removing the App](**: Instructions on how to remove Sonnet AI from your Zoom account and the implications of doing so. **Troubleshooting:** - **[Troubleshooting Guide](**: Solve common issues with our troubleshooting guide. **FAQs:** - **[Frequently Asked Questions](**: Get quick answers to common queries. **Adding the App:** To add Sonnet AI to your Zoom account, follow the steps below: 1. Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace. 2. Search for "Sonnet AI" in the search bar. 3. Click on the Sonnet AI app from the search results. 4. Click "Add" to install the app to your Zoom account. Follow the on-screen prompts to authorize the integration. **Usage:** Explore the features and functionalities of Sonnet AI: - **Real-time Transcription:** Get live transcriptions during your Zoom meetings. - **Action Item Extraction:** Automatically extract and list action items discussed during the meeting. - **Meeting Summarization:** Receive a concise summary of your meeting discussions. **Removing the App:** To remove Sonnet AI from your Zoom account, follow the steps below: 1. Login to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace. 2. Click on "Manage" - "Installed Apps" or search for the Sonnet AI app. 3. Click on the Sonnet AI app. 4. Click "Uninstall." Please note that by removing the app, all data and features associated with Sonnet AI will no longer be available. --- **Troubleshooting:** **Troubleshooting Guide:** If you encounter issues while using Sonnet AI, try the following steps: 1. Ensure you have the latest version of Sonnet AI installed. 2. Check your internet connection to ensure it's stable. 3. If issues persist, restart the Sonnet AI app and Zoom. --- **FAQs:** **Frequently Asked Questions:** - **How do I access the transcriptions?** - Transcriptions can be accessed within the Sonnet AI app under the "Transcriptions" tab. - **How are action items identified?** - Action items are identified through keyword recognition and contextual analysis performed by our AI. **Contact Support:** - **[Contact Support](**: Get in touch with our support team for further assistance. --- **Legal & Compliance:** - **[Privacy Policy](**: Learn about our data collection practices and your privacy rights. - **[Terms of Use](**: Understand the terms governing the use of our app and services. **App Descriptions:** - **Short Description:** Enhance your Zoom meetings with real-time transcriptions and actionable insights provided by Sonnet AI. - **Long Description:** Sonnet AI seamlessly integrates with Zoom to provide real-time transcription services, making your meetings more engaging and productive. Our AI technology ensures high-accuracy transcriptions, which can be easily searched and referenced. Sonnet AI also extracts action items automatically from your meeting discussions, ensuring you stay on top of important tasks. Our app is designed to cater to both individual and organizational needs, making meeting transcriptions and follow-ups a breeze. **Features:** - Real-time, high-accuracy transcription - Automatic extraction of action items - Seamless integration with Zoom - Easy search and reference of past meetings - Tailored solutions for individuals and organizations --- Your satisfaction is our priority. If you need further assistance or have suggestions on how we can serve you better, please feel free to reach out through any of the support channels listed above. Our team is dedicated to ensuring you have a positive experience with Sonnet AI.