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Say goodbye to cold emailing. Sonnet's AI SDR crafts personalized emails, handles objections and schedules demos, so you can focus on closing deals.

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Automated prospecting, from lead to demo.

Let Sonnet be your outbound engine.

Sonnet generates cold emails that are written from scratch for each prospect. Our AI draws information from your prospect's website, Linkedin, and recent news to pitch your product as a solution to their specific problems.

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We're great for anyone, but especially if you're


Small teams with big dreams.

Founder-led sales is time consuming. Sonnet generates leads so you can spend your time building product and talking to customers.

Sales Teams

Even professionals need a hand sometimes.

Free your SDRs to focus on discovery. Fill gaps in your account executives' calendars with qualified leads.

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High volume doesn’t have to mean low conversion. Put lead generation on autopilot, without spam-y emails.

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Sales agency service at the price of software.

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