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Get the most out of your meetings

Sonnet provides a comprehensive suite of tools to help you analyze and record all vital information from your meetings.

User Interviews
Understand what pain points and feature requests are coming up across all your calls. Dive deep into what gets your customers excited.
Sales Analytics
Get visibility into what types of conversations lead to won or lost deals. Track what competitors you’re being compared against and focus on the features that your prospects resonate with most.
Knowledge Base
Get everyone up to speed, even if they weren’t on the call. Sonnet gives your team high-level visibility into what customers are talking about, as well as the details within call recordings.

Who We're For

Sonnet helps companies understand their customers better, across teams.

Keep your finger on the pulse of your customers. Stay on top of user feedback as it rolls in, and dig into your conversations to surface insights.
Sales Teams
Know exactly what conversations lead to a deal won. Get new reps up to speed rapidly and give sales leaders visibility across every Account Executive’s demos.
Product Managers
Turn customer conversations into product insights. Uncover pain points and identify the features your users love most.
Customer Success
Take customer advocacy to a new level with user feedback analytics. Create hyper-granular customer success metrics, directly from meeting data.

Sonnet's AI Notetaker is 100% Free.

Sonnet's AI notetaker is an industry leader in transcription quality and note taking accuracy. We're proud to support teachers, small business owners, and individuals that use Sonnet everyday.