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Sales Insights

Sonnet records your team’s meetings, providing visibility into how reps are performing and what customers are asking for.

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Get the most out of your meetings

Sonnet provides a comprehensive suite of tools to help you record and analyze vital information from your customer conversations.

Sales Leaders
Coach reps and keep a finger on the pulse of your prospects, without spending hours every week listening to call recordings. Definitively diagnose quota-beating behavior and replicate it across your team.
Account Executives
Cut out the administrative distractions and focus on selling. The average AE saves 4 hours per week using Sonnet’s AI-powered tools to help maintain CRMs, create notes, and get caught up on deals.
Gain an on-the-ground understanding of what your customers are resonating with and what they’re really asking for. Aggregate data points from hundreds of customer calls to make product decisions based on fact, not opinion.


Sonnet helps companies sell better and understand deeper.

Meetings Notes & Recording
Sonnet will record, transcribe, and AI-generate notes—all without a meeting bot sitting in on your call. Engage fully in your meetings, without the distraction of note taking.
Conversation Intelligence
Understand what’s causing deals to be won or lost. Use AI to dig deep into what customers are resonating with and train reps to meet their needs.
Workflow Assistant
Automate the tedious parts of of your meeting workflow. Sonnet streamlines your pre-meeting preparation with rapid prospect research and effortlessly creates follow-up emails.
Command Center
Gain a birds eye view of how every deal is doing and dive deeper into what exactly customers are saying about critical topics. Command Center delivers high fidelity insights, quickly.

Sonnet is 100% Free.

Sonnet's conversation intelligence platform is free forever for small teams and individuals. We’re proud to provide industry-leading reliability, transcription quality, and security.