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Sonnet records calls, takes notes, and keeps track of action items—so you can focus on your meetings.

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Use cases

Get the most out of your meetings

Sales Calls
Understand what’s causing deals get won or lost. Turn call recordings into actionable insights that help you sell better.
User Interviews
Capture user insights and make better product decisions. Ask Sonnet questions like “what are the most requested features?
Internal Meetings
Keep your team on the same page with call summaries and action items. Share recordings with teammates so every stays in the loop.


Your complete meeting productivity suite

Meetings Notes & Recording
Sonnet will record, transcribe, and AI-generate notes—all without a meeting bot sitting in on your call. Engage fully in your meetings, without the distraction of note taking.
Conversation Intelligence
Use AI to dive deep into what prospects are resonating with and what customers are asking for. Discover insights aggregated across your calls and make decisions based off data, not hunches.
Workflow Assistant
Automate the tedious parts of of your meeting workflow. Sonnet streamlines your pre-meeting preparation with rapid prospect research and effortlessly creates follow-up emails.
Never manually update your CRM again. Sonnet will analyze your meeting and email data to give you instant context into all your customer relationships.

Sonnet is free to use.

Sonnet's conversation intelligence platform is free to get started. We’re proud to provide industry-leading reliability, transcription quality, and security.