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Remember every conversation. Sonnet records calls, takes notes with AI, and manages relationships—so you can focus on your meetings.

All Your Conversations, In One Place

Introducing Sonnet

“The notes that Sonnet generates are mind blowingly good, easily the best out of all the alternatives I've tested. It's been a game changer for keeping my team on the same page.”

Andy Li

Co-founder, Keywords AI (YC W24)

Before the call

More preparation, better conversations.

No strangers here. Learn everything you need to know about fellow meeting participants. Sonnet puts their entire background at your fingertips.

Richard Hendricks
Chief Executive OfficerSilicon Valley
OrganizationPied PiperOrganization DescriptionBuilding a completely decentralized internet. No firewalls, no tools, no government regulation, no spying. Making information free in every sense of the word.Web Presence
Information Technology
FoundedEst. 2014Headcount~100 employees

Never miss a meeting. Let Sonnet watch the clock for you. Get notified right before a meeting starts, so you're always on time.

Important Call

1 min till meeting

Auto Record

During the call

All-in-one meeting assistant.

No bots allowed. Say goodbye to meeting bots that take up half your screen. Sonnet records device audio all without a visible meeting bot.

Tailored note-taking. Your AI meeting assistant takes notes, so you can focus on the conversation. Customize the AI with your own notes templates and make it yours.

See Example ->
Gif of note-taking feature

After the call

Next steps, automated.

Never update a CRM again. The days of filling out spreadsheets and form fields are over. Sonnet uses AI to turn your conversations into CRM data.

Erlich BachmanErlich Bachman
Peter GregoryPeter Gregory
Bertram GilfoyleBertram Gilfoyle
Nelson BighettiNelson Bighetti
Russ HannemanRuss Hanneman
Jared DunnJared Dunn
Gavin BelsonGavin Belson
Ron LaFlammeRon LaFlamme
Dan MelcherDan Melcher
Chuy RamirezChuy Ramirez
Laurie BreamLaurie Bream
Hoover ClemensHoover Clemens
Jian YangJian Yang
Dinesh ChugtaiDinesh Chugtai
EmailTitleIndustriesOrganization Name
Information Technology
General Partner
Venture Capital
Raviga Capital
Pied Piper
Information Technology
Systems Architect
Stanford University
Angel Investor
Venture Capital
Angel Investor
Information Technology
Pied Piper
Founder & CEO
Information TechnologyPhilanthropy
Legal Service
Pearson Hardman
InsuranceInformation Technology
Freelance Artist
Art and Design
General Partner
Venture Capital
Raviga Capital
Head of Security
Information Technology
Software Engineer
Information Technology
Pied Piper

Know what your company knows. Get caught up in seconds, even if you couldn't make the meeting. Keep everyone on the same page with shareable recordings.

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Comprehensive action items. Be on the same page about what has to be done, by who, by when.

Action Items

Compatible with every platform.